Combining Principles Assignment

For our final assignment, we were told to combine the principles of design we learned earlier in the trimester in order to take our best photos ever. Before, we just had to use one principle of design for each photo. This time, we had to use at least 2. I wouldn’t  necessarily call these my … Continue reading

Photo Assignment 7 – Panographic

This week I decided to take panographic photos after learning how to do them in class. They’re sort of an unpredictable thing to do if you have photoshop merge the photos for you. I like the jagged edges that turn out with the finished product. It requires some patience to wait for photoshop to work it’s magic, … Continue reading

Duplicate Assignment

This assignment involved finding an ad and duplicating it using your own photos. The ad I found was for a mood enhancer and was a picture of a man’s back at night and there’s a hole taken out of his back. The ad also had a perfect moon directly above the man’s head, but I decided not … Continue reading

Photo Assignment 6 – Baking

Best photo, original Best photo, edited ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/15 F-Stop: f/2.8 I decided to take photos of baking for this week because baking is something I enjoy doing. Something I’ve noticed when looking for new recipes is how nice the photos look and how they make me more appealed to the food. I tried … Continue reading

Panographic Assignment

This week we learned how to make panographic photos. To start, you take a panoramic photo of a scene. After that, you turn the camera whichever way you want around the scene. Using photoshop, you combine the photos with photomerge and the result is a panoramic photo with an interesting border. My second photo looked … Continue reading

Photo Assignment 5 – HDR

Best photo, original Best photo, edited ISO: 64 F-Stop: f/8.0 Exposure: 1/125 I decided to take HDR photos for my photo assignment this week. I was lucky to have a gorgeous day last week to go to the local park and take photos with the awesome blue sky. Instead of just taking 3 photos for … Continue reading

Portrait Assignment

We learned how to take nice looking portait shots of people. We used a set up in the library  that had the proper lighting and a white sheet as the background. I took three of my friends and took various photos of them. I just had them sit naturally like they would for a yearbook … Continue reading

Photo Assignment 4 – Panoramic

Best Photo, unedited Best Photo, edited ISO – 64 F-Stop – f/5.6 Exposure – 1/250 This week I decided to take panoramic photos. I went to places like downtown and Wal- Mart to find interesting areas to photograph. Since we already did an assignment on this, it wasn’t much of a challenge for me. The … Continue reading

HDR Assignment

For this assignment, we learned how to make HDR photos using Photoshop. It seemed like a really complicated assignment when I first heard about it, but it was actually really simple. We had to take 3 photos of the same scene (preferably with a tripod). One photo had to have the “correct” exposure, while the … Continue reading

Photo Assignment 3 – Ultimate Frisbee

Best Photo, unedited Best Photo, edited ISO – 64 F-Stop – f/5.0 Exposure – 1/500 This week I decided to take photos of an ultimate frisbee game. Our school has an ultimate frisbee club and the teams play against each other once a week. This game was between the orange and black teams. It was … Continue reading