Photo Assignment 1 – Flowers

The first subject I chose to do was flowers. Since it’s springtime and the flowers were in bloom all around my house, it was easy enough to get lots of pictures. I decided to use Macro the whole time and a rather small aperture. This didn’t pose many problems with my exposure triangle since it was cloudy most of the days I took pictures and I needed more light anyway. It would have been preferable to have some blue skies, but the color of the flowers made up for that.


Best photo, unedited


Best photo, edited

ISO: 80

F-Stop: f/2.6

Exposure: 1/100

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From this assignment, I learned new techniques to taking photos of flowers. I tried different angles to get a nice perspective. Occasionally, my camera didn’t want to focus on the smaller flowers so I tried experimenting with manual focus. I’m still not entirely sure how this function works, but it helped me better focus on the flowers. Also, on the sunnier days, my shadow would get in the way of the photo and I’d have to reposition my camera at odd angles. Other than that, I really enjoyed taking pictures of flowers.


One thought on “Photo Assignment 1 – Flowers

  1. I really like that it draws your eye right to the first flower and captures the color of the flower and the flowers behind are at a good blur so you can still see the color also the flower. Good job!

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