Photo Assignment 2 – Lacrosse Game

This week I decided to take photos of the girl’s varsity lacrosse game. This was new for me since I’m more comfortable of taking close up shots of things. I also have a hard time following the action at games I’ve never watched before. I’m pleased with my best photo because of the interesting contrast between blurred players and still ones.


Best photo, original


Best photo, edited

ISO – 64

F-Stop – f/4.5

Exposure – 1/22 sec

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I learned from this assignment that it is difficult to get nice shots without a telephoto lens. A lot of my photos included awesome action shots, but were extremely grainy from the zoom. It was also a challenge to get still photos with a fast shutter speed because the game was during the night so I had limited light. This photo turned out nice because I experimented with a slower shutter speed to get some interesting motion blur from the players. This wasn’t my favorite assignment because of the cold and the difficulty of getting clear shots, but I enjoyed being a part of the very small student section.


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