Collage Assignment

For this assignment, we were told to take a bunch of photos that relate to who we are and put them all together in a collage using Photoshop.


I found this assignment rather enjoyable. There wasn’t anything too complex we had to do. I used the tool transform to adjust the size of my photos so that they fit nicely in the collage. I used the eraser to make the edge of the photos fuzzy so that they blended well into the large photo. I also changed the opacity of the photos so that the background image could be seen. The photos I used are: Boston cream cupcakes I made because I like baking, the University of Michigan marching band because I love going to U of M games and I plan on going to U of M, me and some people from my church youth group on a mission trip in Tennessee, my dog, the bridal party of my brother’s upcoming wedding, Cinderella’s castle from when I went to Disney World for spring break, the Mackinaw Bridge, me marching in Disney World, and some delicious raspberry lemon cupcakes I made. I liked the freedom we had with this assignment to create what we wanted.


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