Photo Assignment 3 – Ultimate Frisbee

Best Photo, unedited

Best Photo, edited

ISO – 64

F-Stop – f/5.0

Exposure – 1/500

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This week I decided to take photos of an ultimate frisbee game. Our school has an ultimate frisbee club and the teams play against each other once a week. This game was between the orange and black teams. It was a beautiful day to take photos so I was able to have a fast shutter speed the whole time. I was able to easily get many photos of people trying to throw the frisbee since the players have to stay where they are and it takes time for them to determine where to throw the frisbee. I tried getting shots of people catching the frisbee but this was a challenge because I wasn’t sure where the frisbee was going and most of the shots I got of people catching the frisbee were out of focus or blurry. It was easier getting clear shots of this game than of the lacrosse game I did last week because I was closer to the players and the sun wasn’t going down.


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