Photo Assignment 5 – HDR

Best photo, original

Best photo, edited

ISO: 64

F-Stop: f/8.0

Exposure: 1/125

I decided to take HDR photos for my photo assignment this week. I was lucky to have a gorgeous day last week to go to the local park and take photos with the awesome blue sky. Instead of just taking 3 photos for each HDR photo, I decided to take 5. I found that it added more detail to the photo and made them turn out really nice. There wasn’t as much of an unrealistic look to the photos as there was when I previously did this assignment. The only problems I encountered with this assignment were making my tripod level and dealing with kids running in and out of my photo. Some photos turned out crooked and for others, when I merged them, kids looked like ghosts in my photo or the tree limbs looked funny since they were blowing in the wind. Removing ghosts using Photoshop really helped the photos look more realistic. I put the original photos before the edited ones in the slideshow so that you can really see a difference.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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