Combining Principles Assignment

For our final assignment, we were told to combine the principles of design we learned earlier in the trimester in order to take our best photos ever. Before, we just had to use one principle of design for each photo. This time, we had to use at least 2. I wouldn’t  necessarily call these my best photos ever since I wasn’t able to go out and plan really great shots. After having great weather, it decided to rain. I prefer nice sunny photos, but I did get a pretty cool photo in the gloomy weather where colorful lights were reflected off the rain.

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Bike – balance, proportion, contrast, emphasis

Fire hydrant – contrast, proportion, repetition, emphasis, simplicity

Line of stores – balance, repetition, unity, space

Yellow flowers – contrast, simplicity, balance

Cheese – unity, repetition, emphasis, simplicity

Lemons and limes – contrast, emphasis, unity, simplicity

Lights in parking lot – emphasis, contrast, balance

Cars – emphasis, repetition, contrast, balance, unity

Jelly – repetition, movement (not literally, but eyes move down aisle), simplicity

Pink flower – space, simplicity, contrast, emphasis


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