Collage Assignment

For this assignment, we were told to take a bunch of photos that relate to who we are and put them all together in a collage using Photoshop. I found this assignment rather enjoyable. There wasn’t anything too complex we had to do. I used the tool transform to adjust the size of my photos … Continue reading

Photo Assignment 2 – Lacrosse Game

This week I decided to take photos of the girl’s varsity lacrosse game. This was new for me since I’m more comfortable of taking close up shots of things. I also have a hard time following the action at games I’ve never watched before. I’m pleased with my best photo because of the interesting contrast … Continue reading

Lacrosse Game Inspiration

For my first event assignment, I will be taking pictures of the girl’s varsity lacrosse game. I haven’t taken pictures at a sporting event before, so we’ll see how this goes. These are some photos that I will use as inspiration: Mark Campbell Alicia Prewett Third Photo It will be interesting trying to get good, … Continue reading

Framing Assignment

This week, we looked at tutorials on how to add interesting frames to our photos on Photoshop. The tutorials weren’t very difficult so it was rather easy to get 8 photos done quickly. There were 4 different types of frames we had to try out: clipping mask, gallery photo, gaussian blur, and sprayed strokes. Of … Continue reading

Photo Assignment 1 – Flowers

The first subject I chose to do was flowers. Since it’s springtime and the flowers were in bloom all around my house, it was easy enough to get lots of pictures. I decided to use Macro the whole time and a rather small aperture. This didn’t pose many problems with my exposure triangle since it … Continue reading

Photoshop Assignment

The above are photoshopped versions of a picture I took of myself. For the second part of the assignment, I read some articles on the harmful effects of looking at photos so retouched, they’re unreal. I see the reasons for retouching pictures to make a person’s skin more even or to erase some flyaway hairs, … Continue reading

Panoramic Assignment

This week we learned how to make panoramic pictures super fast using Photoshop. I took 4-5 pictures of a landscape view and each overlapped around 30%. Then I went into Photoshop and combined the photos using photomerge. This method is a lot simpler than using Gimp and is a great time saver. Walkway infront of … Continue reading

Principles of Design

For this assignment, we had to take pictures portraying the principles of design. When using these guidelines, I found the photos to turn out more interesting than simply taking a picture of what I saw. It required some thought about what I wanted to take pictures of, but in the end, this is what me … Continue reading